Hi! Welcome to StudeerPil!

You must be amazed. Didn't I visit Bitsybetter? Then why am I in the Studeerpil shop? I can explain that. We are the same company and we have found that two different shops confused our customers and visitors. That is why we have decided to close the Bitsybetter shop and to continue with Studeerpil.nl.

You will also find all available products from BitsyBetter here and ordering is just as easy. 

If you have any questions about the Bitsybetter transition? Let us know at hallo@studeerpil.nl.

Gratis verzending vanaf 15,- en discreet verpakt

Natuurlijke ingrediënten en helemaal vegan

Concentratie, geheugen en energie

100% Garantie. Niet goed, geld terug!