The positive effects of music on our mental performance

Music provides bundled distraction

When you are studying or working, you are constantly keeping out other stimuli. Stimuli are everywhere, from outside sounds to the sounds of your phone. To put it simply, distraction arises because you are not using your entire brain capacity when studying or working. As a result, your brain uses its residual capacity (the capacity that you are not using) to deal with other things. Music can help bundle all distractions into one distraction, so you can focus more on the tasks you're doing.

Instrumental works better than music with lyrics

When you need better concentration, it generally works best to listen to instrumental music. Your brain tends to focus directly on the lyrics in the music, because it thinks the lyrics are meaningful. When you are studying, it is very difficult for your brain to distinguish which text is more important. The text from your study book or the text from the music?

The atmosphere of the music must match the activity

Quite simply, if you want to go through a text quietly and let it affect you, meditation music does it very well. When you want to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time and you have to put in a lot of effort, orchestral music with a lot of rhythm works very well.

Game music as a solution

The music in video games is specifically made to keep your concentration on the game. So it must be present enough to be able to hear and stimulate you, but not too much. The music should not distract you. Unlike most music, game music is not made for listening in the foreground. It is made to support your concentration and is therefore more present in the background.

Put this music in your study or work playlist

Also read these tips for better concentration while studying or working.

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