Earn money as a study pill ambassador!

Earning money with Study Pill
Sometimes you see those social media influencers who give away discounts for brands and ultimately earn money themselves. But how exactly does this work? And what if we tell you that you don't necessarily have to be an influencer with 100k followers for that? Study Pill would like to cooperate with YOU! All you have to do is sign up for our affiliate program. 

What is the affiliate program?
The affiliate program is a collaboration between you and Study Pill. By registering, you become an ambassador for Study Pill. This means that in exchange for sharing and recommending Study pill, you will receive an 8% commission on every paid purchase made through you. A real win-win situation!  

How does it work?  

  1. Sign up for the affiliate program
    As a first step, you sign up via the affiliate page . As soon as you have done this, you will enter your own account in the portal, you are now officially an affiliate (ambassador) of Study Pill! In the portal you can see your view referrals, sales, earnings, etc.
  2. Reference link and personal discount code
    After registration you will immediately receive your personal reference link and personal 10% discount code. Through this link we know how many people have made a purchase through you. The code with a 10% discount is a gift for your followers to encourage them to order from Study Pill through you. For example, you can put this reference link and discount code on Instagram in your bio and share it on your Mystory or as a feed post.
  3. Advantage for you: 8% commission
    For every follower who makes a purchase on the Study Pill webshop via your reference link, you will receive 8% of the purchase amount (commission). So for example a follower buys a bag of Study Pill 30 capsules for 19.99 euros, you earn 1.60 euros. Do you sell to 15 followers or do they order multiple bags? Then you are quickly making 30 euros. The more people order through you, the more money you earn! * IMPORTANT: In order to receive the 8% commission on purchases, your followers must use the discount code in combination with the reference link.
  4. Tips
    To encourage followers to order via your reference link, it is important to make them enthusiastic! Explain why Study Pill works so well for you, what the benefits are and which results you have achieved with it. In addition, mention the 10% discount they will receive and use beautiful photos or make a video. Finally, don't forget to tag Study Pill (@studeerpil.nl)! That way, followers can take a look for themselves and see what Study Pill stands for. This has a positive effect on the decision-making process. Good luck! 

Do you have any further questions about our affiliate program? Then contact us!