Does the Study Pill work?

Does the study pill work?

What people often think about Study Pill

The name Study Pill sometimes reminds people of a so-called magical pill that allows you to study for days on end and get incredibly high grades, which of course cannot be true. In this article we will explain to you that the Study Pill is certainly not a magical pill, but it is certainly not a sandwich monkey story either.

How does a dietary supplement come about?

When the formulation of the Study Pill was put together, a conscious consideration was given to ingredients that can have an effect on concentration, fatigue, stress and memory. It is indisputable that all these ingredients had to be safe, of high quality and had to have an approval from the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. Subsequently, a selection was made from these ingredients, it was examined which ingredients go well together and finally this selection of ingredients was tested among a group of students. The formula that emerged as the winner eventually became the Study Pill. You may not have been aware of this yet, but in fact, this is how it goes with every product you come across. From products that you order at Bodyenfitshop, to the nutritional supplements that you can find in the Kruidvat or in the Etos. A formulation is chosen based on ingredients that have an effect on the purpose (supporting concentration and memory, for example) that the product is to serve. Yet many people still think that every jar or bag that they come across in one of the well-known (web) stores has been scientifically researched in its entirety, so that the exact composition and dosage of, for example, a dietary supplement from Body and Fitshop has been fully investigated for muscle growth, for example. . Unfortunately, this is almost never the case. The simple reason for this is that scientific research is not affordable for companies, it costs too much money.

In short

Study pill is by no means a magic pill. Sleep, exercise and nutrition are number 1 for better concentration. We would have liked to share with you the scientific studies on which the ingredients in Study Pill are based, but unfortunately this is not possible due to the new strict European regulations. Yet you can see from the many good ones reviews and all stories and posts on Instagram that Study Pill can be just that extra helping hand, at times when you really need to pop. We are therefore the first to admit that not everyone who uses Study Pill benefits from the product. About 90% of our customers are immediately super enthusiastic, 5% of the customers need some time to get used to the effect (by finding the right dosage, for example) and 5% does not benefit from our product. This is very understandable, because the author of this article is already bouncing at 1 cup of coffee, while his girlfriend can fall asleep after 3 cups of coffee. For this reason we have a '100% Satisfaction Guarantee', so you never pay for something you don't use. Do you also have trouble concentrating while studying? Then read this 10 tips by helping you to get a higher grade. ORDER